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GoPeer has built a digital classroom where K-12 students learn from vetted college students.

Day2Night Convertible Heels

Day2Night's patent-pending convertible high heel shoes convert from high heels down to low heels by simply pressing a button.

Busy Beauty

We make clean wipes for life's messy moments. 100% waste-free packaging, post-consumer compostable cotton & easy-to-pronounce ingredients.

Ras Labs

Ras Labs makes Synthetic Muscle™, electroactive polymers that contract & expand, attenuate force, & sense pressure for robotics & other applications.


Our patent pending software aligns smartwatch display with your natural line of vision, opening up in vivo use across many industry.

Sun LifeLight, Inc.

Revolutionizing light therapy by building smart, personal lamps, controlled by an interactive learning app and delivering the energizing benefits of the sun.

Cashtivity Play

Cashtivity teaches math through gamified real world challenges, no more boredom & frustration, math is now a fun, creative experience which students relate to.