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WeSpire is an employee engagement platform that helps global companies design, run and measure the impact of their purpose-based initiatives.


We help healthcare organization deliver the right instructions to the right patients at the right time to increase patient engagement, satisfaction and outcome.


Sense is a home energy monitor for homeowners to understand their energy and know what's happening at home with real-time energy consumption data.

Minus the Moo

Minus the Moo is a premium ice cream made from real dairy and all the same ingredients of traditional ice cream, with lactase enzyme to make it lactose-free!


Bevi makes internet-connected water coolers for offices that provide unlimited sparkling, still, and flavored water on demand.


By incorporating the entire powertrain into the wheel itself we created a platform that turns any bicycle into an electric vehicle in under 2 minutes.

Analytical Space

The commercial satellite imaging data transmission bottleneck solved with optical fiber performance at cellular prices.


Refreshingly simple insurance for people who prefer to get stuff done online.


VentureApp saves businesses time and money by connecting them to the top vendors that will help them grow and scale.


Donii gets the stuff you donate to the people who need it most.