The Top Boston Tech Hires (and Departures) in January

February 3, 2016

Sure, it's now a few days into February, but we still thought it would be worth taking a quick look back at who's been coming to (and going from) major Boston tech companies. Here are the biggest Boston tech jobs changes that came across our radar last month.

• Founder and former CEO of Boston-based Apperian, Chuck Goldman, will now be the President of Hoyos Labs in New York City. Hoyos is a leader in mobile biometrics authentication— focusing on fraud solutions that eliminate our reliance on ATM cards, PINs, and tokens. Chuck’s most recent year and a half long stint was at Great Hill Partners as an Executive-in-Residence. Good luck in the Big Apple.

• Boston-based data storage firm Carbonite is loading up with new players. Norman Guadagno: SVP of Marketing. Christopher Doggett: SVP of Global Sales. Also, former IBMvet, Paul Mellinger, will be SVP of Carbonite's EVault division, the $14M acquisition they announced in December. BBJ has the roundup.

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