Food technology startup with celebrity investors expands into Boston

August 20, 2019

A food technology startup that has drawn investments from celebrities like Usher and Jay-Z is expanding into Boston.

Founded in 2016, Hungry Marketplace Inc. operates an online catering service that connects businesses directly to chefs who sign on with the platform. The Virginia-based company started off catering to offices in Washington, D.C. and has since established operations in Philadelphia and Atlanta. In a statement issued last week announcing the Boston launch, Hungry said it offers companies savings of up to 33 percent on catering costs.

The company said on its website that it's capable of catering for more than 1,000 “with ease.” Orders have a $200 minimum.

The company purchases food prepared whole-sale at commercial kitchens or other shared cooking spaces by chefs who use the platform, according to company Chief Executive Officer Jeff Grass. It then sells those dishes at a marked-up price to generate revenue.

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