Applied Project Management for Research


215 First Street
First Floor Seminar Room
Cambridge, MA 02142
United States

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 - 8:30am

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One of B-BIC's most popular offerings is now available for non-members.

This 3-hour workshop will engage participants in a discussion about the value of project planning, illustrate the meaning of common project management terminology, guide groups through a high-level plan, and discuss how to translate high-level plans into detailed project plans. We will wrap the session up with a short discussion on how to execute on a project plan while also managing team dynamics and communication.


Erin McKenna, MBA

Erin serves as the Deputy Director and Senior Project Manager for the Boston Biomedical Innovation Center. She brings over sixteen years of medical device product development and commercialization to B-BIC. At B-BIC, she has helped drive the development of several devices and combination technologies forward to obtain additional funding, move into clinical trials, or to successful commercial exits.

Cheryl Vaughan, Ph.D. Ed.M.

Cheryl is the Managing Director of Learning and Development Programs. One of her roles includes the design of unique learning experiences for professionals in working in Biotech and Pharma. She will assist in the workshop management and assist in the role of co-facilitator.