Microsoft Excel Class in Boston on November 30, 2020 Introduction


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This Excel course starts by teaching basic Excel functionality, and core Excel formulas and techniques, including calculations, formatting, and charts. You will finish up the course with a project that pulls together all your newly learned Excel skills. This one-day Excel class provides a solid foundation to leverage Excel in your job. Attend this Excel workshop and learn: Data Entry & Calculations: Discover basic Excel calculations like averages, sums, and counts. Text Functions: Use functions to format and correct text such as changing the case of text automatically. Formatting and Format Painter: Learn to customize formatting and quickly replicate it to other cells. Conditional Formatting: Set format and appearance for cells based on specific criteria. Charts: Learn the essentials of creating and formatting line charts, bar charts, and pie charts. Excel efficiency tips: Learn to use Autofill & Quick Access so Excel can automate your work.