Microsoft Excel Class in Boston on December 1, 2020 Intermediate


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This intermediate Excel course moves into more advanced funcionality to locate, calculate, summarize and format data. Learn to summarize and organize data in Excel with Pivot Tables, write advanced functions using VLOOKUP, and create advanced charts. Discover statistical formulas like COUNTIFS and SUMIFS to better understand data, and learn Excel techniques to work more efficiently. Attend this intermediate Excel training and learn to use: Split and Join Text: Split text to multiple columns with Text to Columns. Data Validation: Create dropdown menus within cells to restrict entries. Sort & Filter: Within database or tables, sort alphabetically or by number. VLOOKUP: Retrieve a value from a table based on the value in a column. IF Statements: Write formulas that show different outputs based on conditions. SUMIFs: Sum values that meet one or more conditions. COUNTIFs: Count the number of items that meet a certain criteria. Pivot Tables: Summarize and visualize data with these dynamic tables. Navigation Shortcuts: Learn to more quickly navigate around worksheets.