Excel Bootcamp in Boston on November 30, 2020 Bootcamp


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This Excel Bootcamp takes participants from introductory skills to advanced capabilities over three days. It includes the introduction, intermediate, and advanced Excel courses. Learn essential Excel formulas and techniques, including calculations, formatting, and charts and then move into more advanced capablities. This three-day Excel Bootcamp provides training that leaves you with a solid foundation in Excel for any job. Attend this Excel bootcamp and learn: Data Entry & Calculations: Discover basic Excel calculations like averages, sums, and counts. Text Functions: Use functions to format and correct text such as changing the case of text automatically. Formatting and Format Painter: Learn to customize formatting and quickly replicate it to other cells. Conditional Formatting: Set format and appearance for cells based on specific criteria. Charts: Learn the essentials of creating and formatting line charts, bar charts, and pie charts. Data Validation: Create dropdown menus within cells to restrict entries. VLOOKUP: Retrieve a value from a table based on the value in a column. IF Statements: Write formulas that show different outputs based on conditions. Pivot Tables: Summarize and visualize data with these dynamic tables. Cell Auditing: Review your formulas for errors, and trace dependents and precedents. Conditional Formatting with Formulas: Learn how to make conditional formatting more powerful in Excel by using formulas. Recording Macros: Record macros in Excel to automate a series repeated actions.