VC Deal Flow Update: 311 Mass. Startups Raised $6B

$58 billion: That’s the number of venture capital dollars invested in 3,912 companies so far in 2018.


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Thank you to everyone who came out to our house party today. I don’t take your faith in my candidacy lightly, and I…

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RT @clkung: “Let’s not talk about maternity or paternity leave but #humanleave ... Life happens and everyone has to manage family and work…

@ray_deck @Drift Thought you were saying since others had to pay Ray

@ray_deck @Drift Thanks for the heads up. That shouldn’t be the case. If it is, have them reach out to me and I’ll make it right.

@ray_deck @Drift Take care = I will handle the checkout and a special code. Not free but a nice discount.

@ray_deck @Drift how so? it's not a free ticket.

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