Indigo Ag yields $200M, plans expansion

Indigo Ag, the Cambridge-based agriculture-technology startup that uses microbiology research to help farmers replace chemicals and fertilizers and increase crop yield, has closed a $200


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The @nytimes breaks with tradition and endorses two candidates: @ewarren & @amyklobuchar.

RT @pillar_vc: Great to see @hodges listed as one of the "8 #Boston Influencers You Need to Know" along with @dharmesh, Colin Angle (CEO, @…

RT @grapealope: "Your future wearable won't be on your wrist, it'll be apparel." @cchase describes future biometric wearables #quantifiedat

RT @DrSepah: In my clinical experience, most people struggle because their main motivations in life are to: 1) Feel good (addiction) 2) Av…

RT @kadams24: CRMs MQLs...acronyms-—what it wrong with #b2bmarketing today. If you’re a marketer who feels good about filling up a #crm so…

RT @richtwood: I just got certified in Conversational Sales with @Drift Learn how to accelerate your #sales process by connecting with b…

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We cut the cord and cancelled a YouTube TV and just watch TikTok for 3 hours after the kids go to bed. Nah no I didn’t do much this weekend.

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