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@destraynor @rands Wait, wait, what? There was a big Keynote update? This could change my life (and get my to switch back from PPT)

@abrams @ToscaSac @nickducoff @semil @pt Yep. U see the flaw in the logic.

RT @adelynzhou: Adobe Kickbox program increases #innovation by teaches you how or pitch to your managers. Fosters innovation across corp @p…

I feel you, man, I feel you. I'm working on slides for the HubSpot all-minds meeting tomorrow (in Dublin, Ireland).

RT @andreasklinger: #1 rule for internal dashboards: Metrics need to hurt They need to be embarrassing If not: either not drilled deep…

@abrams @ToscaSac @nickducoff @semil @pt data shows returns great when all follow on is fully optimized. Otherwise not.

@AlannaSobel thanks! We share a love of Ecuador. :)

RT @FieldsCornerMS: Fields Corner Main Street was proud tobe a sponsor of the #dotchilicookoff ! Thanks @blarneystonedot for making our chi…

@KunalsLab @Nov_Project that would be amazing. Operation: get @ArgoBatts to speak to 1k people with us in Boston in September.

@KunalsLab @Nov_Project @TheUncommonMVMT now I just need someone from @nov_project to reply to me :)

@mrogul @Drift looking forward to having you there!

RT @trengriffin: The process of writing clarifies thinking. Warren Buffett says if you can't write it down you have not thought it through.…