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Setem Technologies, Inc.

Setem has developed a solution for "the Cocktail Party problem" -- enabling desired voice conversation(s) to be extracted from ambient noise

Virtual Software Machines

vsMachines software technology improves the reliability and security of public, private or hybrid clouds by 100x

Boston 3T Biotechnologies Inc.

Boston 3T Biotechnology's technology in development is designed to cure cancer, through the use of therapeutic T Cell technology.


EnvoyAI is a marketplace for artificial intelligence algorithms in medical imaging

Chung Doe Path LLC

Learn the fastest way to mind-body strength, health & success in life, through correct, individualized, traditional martial arts training.

Semcasting, Inc.

Semcasting revolutionizes Internet Ad targeting based on its patent pending IP Zones in a world where cookie based targeting is dying.


Agira owns highly efficient and low cost optics technology for solar panels.

Finale is a charitable online music store. 10% of every purchase is donated to a cause the user chooses.


A Clothing line dedicated to a retro/vintage twist of Egyptian and Greek mythology That will appeal to the modern day fashion Industry and all different sizes