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Revitalization of Chemotherapeutics Using a Tumor Targeting Drug Delivery System (nanoparticle)

Rate the Candidate is a website where users write/view reviews and rate political candidates for state, federal and municipal office.

Water Hero

Water Hero provides a real-time mobile monitoring system that helps you reduce water usage and reduce property damage. Protect your home from costly water damage. Control your water system from your smart phone.

Onset Technology

OnPage, an encrypted priority messaging app. Messages arrive with continuous alert until acknowledged to a dedicated inbox with audit trail.


DreamSpark Is a social equity and rewards based crowdfunding platform

TouchBase Technologies

Our technology enables physical objects to be embedded with digital content that is stored online - No camera, QR codes, or NFC required.

YooCard Services

With variety to browse and buy daily, local, or featured deals, Yoogotit markets businesses discounts to consumers online and through the ph


Forktips, the first “social only” restaurant review site, is an alternative to Foursquare that’s meant to increase activity in every aspect.