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Twiage sends powerful data between ambulances and hospital teams to accelerate life-saving emergency care.


Trellis provides web design, web development, and internet marketing services tailored to the individual needs of small to medium size businesses.

Yobe Inc

Artificial Intelligence powered software that can identify signal content and increase sound quality/clarity while reducing content size by 30% to 50%.

Intelon Optics, Inc.

We bring perioperative biomechanics imaging solutions to demanding ocular surgery and therapy.


Instagram for educators -- document and share anything to capture the essence of student development and strengthen relationships between home and school.

Synchrony Innovations

TiCR Innovation Analytics™ provides multinational corporations with the first-ever platform for analyzing the strategic value of innovation opportunities


Virtual reality platform for the aging population.

WatchRx, Inc.

WatchRx is building a watch, that's also a phone and a GPS, to help elderly take their meds on time and live independently in their home as long as possible