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GoodLux Technology

We provide a hardware-enabled software solution to healthcare clinics that lowers cost-of-care by treating depression with bright light therapy.

Moveo Activate

Moveo is creating a VR game that motivates kids to be active outside and learn at the same time.


Symptom and adherence tracking using universal tools: text messages and the web. Improving care through knowledge, engagement and education.


Forsake is pioneering sneakerboots, a new footwear category for the skier/snowboarder community that previously never had a footwear option to call their own.


Xlibrio is a privately held company focused on the distribution of electronic educational content to schools in emerging markets.


My platform will bridge the gap between social change and analytics.

Boston Art Therapy

I am looking to raise start-up revenue in order to launch the grand opening of the first art therapy studio in the Boston area.

Lumos Catheter Systems

Lumos is developing the RTV System, a catheterization system that provides real-time information on intracorporeal PICC catheter position during insertion. E...

Veramarx, Inc.

Veramarx offers the only accurate diagnostic test for early-stage Lyme disease.