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Empowering teen parents with step-by-step guides for complicated financial, education, and health tasks.


Patients in need of urgent medical care are granted direct access to a choice of the best specialists and instantly offered an accelerated appointment date.

Chasing Nirvana Yoga

A go-to tenant amenity for property managers, and an employee perk for corporations. Offering on-site wellness.

Synchrony Innovations

TiCR Innovation Analytics™ provides multinational corporations with the first-ever platform for analyzing the strategic value of innovation opportunities

HealthCorum, Inc.

HealthCorum analyzes & benchmarks healthcare providers, delivering actionable insights to healthcare system stakeholders.


We help healthcare organization deliver the right instructions to the right patients at the right time to increase patient engagement, satisfaction and outcome.


Snobscale is the new social network where you Rate, Review and Recommend everything you experience in life!


WealthRamp is a credible, online platform intelligently matching consumers with best fit fiduciary investment advisors