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Sleepbox is a modular stand-alone hotel pod for airports and other public spaces.

Todozi, an Optimized Productivity Platform.


Habitworks provides a unique habit change and communication platform that optimizes care coordinators and health coaches in the management of chronic disease.


Finding home. Sumu is a mobile app that helps tenants find a place to call home.

Tauten, Inc.

Tauten is seeking "go to market" $2M in B round funding for fully developed, patented knotless connection system for the $48B sports fishing market.

Space Warp Technology

The solid rocket motors SWT builds will be to space travel what the Model T was to ground transportation.

Wheel Watcher Inc.

There is a global problem called distracted driving , Wheel Watcher solves the problem by preventing distracting activities behind the wheel

QSM Diagnostics

Fastest/lowest cost diagnostic instrument- sensor method for identifying and monitoring common bacteria in blood, urine, sputum or wound

Playrific, Inc.

The fastest most cost effective way for brands to reach and engage children under 12 on mobile devices


Unique listening skills platform using power of public radio. Good early traction with school district sales. Leadership expertise in public radio and Ed Tech.