trUStr® is the first SMS chatbot that improves health, reduces costs, and creates brand impressions by rewarding behavioral change smartly. trUStr is a health & wellness technology sharing benefits among its entire eco-system: individuals, payors, and brands. trUStr makes the difference by using scientifically proven motivation methods and highly efficient technologies such as AI, chatbots, IoT and SMS. Be healthy, text trUStr, be rewarded!

Video Pitch

Management Team

VP of Operations

Arthur Brassart

MBA, Successful experience in business development in different parts of the world, sales & procurement management experience, partisan of healthy living

Founder & CEO

Chris A. Jones

Health & Behavior Economist, successful entrepreneur in Health IT

Strategy Advisor

John Rosenblum

Successful entrepreneur in Health IT (founder of Green Mountain Logic - now Oracle)

Director of Marketing & Sales

Rick Valenta, MBA

Fifteen years of professional and management experience in account management, B2B sales, operations and business development. US Army veteran.