Sustainability Roundtable Inc.


SR Inc has partnered with dozens of the world's most sought after corporate customers to help them & develop confidential, membership based, assistance providing Sustainability Program Management as a Service. Enterprises are helped year over year to develop, improve and report their Corporate Sustainability Programs. It is radically lower cost, better evidenced and provides more direct assistance than conventional one to one consulting.

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Management Team

CEO & Founder

Jim Boyle

Jim has advised Fortune 500 companies & fast growth firms for more than 20 years. First, as a large law firm attorney focused on environmental compliance issues and then as VP of Corporate Advisory Services for a top global real estate services firm in San Francisco and then in his native Boston. Before founding SR Inc, Jim founded & led the Alliance for Business Leadership a CEO focused 501(C)3. Middlebury College, Boston College Law School


David Osborn

David is career consultant with top firms who is responsible for tracking & reporting of all SR Inc financial matters. He has worked at leading companies including Bain Consulting & Booz Allen (Managing Partner, Australia/Asia then Managing Partner N. American Financial Services) and as a Senior Executive at growth companies. He's a Principal Advisor with SR Inc Consulting & SR Inc Renewable Energy Procurement Services. Dartmouth, Kellogg MBA

Director Research & Consulting

Peter Crawley

Peter has led at the intersection of buildings, business management and corporate sustainability for more than fifteen years. He's done this as Director of Sustainability Services at a global environmental engineering firm, as an adjunct professor at the Business School at BC on Sustainability Leadership & as leader of relevant non-profits. Amherst BA, Columbia MA (Real Estate Finance), Harvard MA (Environmental Management & Sustainability)