NextShift Robotics, Inc.


Our collaborative system contains an integrated fulfillment and mobile robotic system that uses proprietary and intelligent software to manage the robotic fleet and optimize order picking. By off-loading labor intensive tasks like walking and heavy lifting to robots and keeping workers in zones, our system can dramatically increase efficiency. Plus, NextShift has an under 2 year customer payback with a short install time.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Co-founder & CEO

Mary Ellen Sparrow

Mary Ellen has created material handling robotics systems for Fabrication Plants & Warehouses. She has held software management positions at Brooks, AS&E, Symbotic, & Harvest, where she managed software, systems, controls, quality, service, and program management. She has 30+ years in industrial automation. She is member of the ASTM F45 committee. Mary Ellen has developed patented and trademarked traffic management software for robotic systems.

Co-founder & Hardware Advisor

Stephen Toebes

Stephen Toebes has 16+ years leading engineering teams in robotics & automation, with 10+ patents. He is the Senior VP, Product Development & Operations at Rethink Robotics, formerly VP of Engineering at Harvest, VP of Hardware Engineering at Symbotic, and Senior Engineering Manager at Brooks. He is an External Advisory Board Member, Georgia Tech Institute of Robotics & Intelligent Machines and Advisor on ASME Robotics Technical Advisory Panel.