Magurobotics LLC (Zombait)


Sportfishing is a hobby & industry that millions of anglers participate in every year. For these anglers, live bait is the best and most effective bait available, however comes with a slew of problems which make it hard or impossible to use. Our first product, Zombait, solves this problem by allowing any angler to insert our lure into a dead bait to make it swim again. Live bait effective, but dead bait easy. Look Alive Out There.

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Management Team


Matthew Borowski

Electrical Engineer Embedded Systems Design Power/Control Systems Design Supply Chain Management Digital/Content Marketing Team Leadership


Jessy Cusack

Mechanical Engineer Product Design Design for Manufacturing Operations Design Contract Manufacturing Supply Chain Management


Rink Varian

40+ years commercial fishing Runs 3 companies in the fishing industry Global fishing market knowledge Fishing experience & connections to industry

Business Development

Betsy Varian

Successfully self-employed for 10+ years Connections to resources Accounting / financial management