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Debris Publishing, Inc.

Debris is the home of Quuve, the world’s first fully customizable web-based investment management ecosystem for professional investors.


Patients in need of urgent medical care are granted direct access to a choice of the best specialists and instantly offered an accelerated appointment date.

Talkler Labs, LLC

TALKLER - Email for your Ears: The mobile platform for truly heads-up, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled productivity—starting w/ email.


Plexx is a mobile skill-building marketplace for youth without a degree to learn skills, anytime, anyplace, get a job, and launch a career.


Improving lives by harnessing new technologies to Redefine Therapy.

Sub Sea Energy North America, LLC

We generate power from water. We develop innovative hydropower turbine systems that drive the Levelized Cost of Energy to $.04-.07/kWh in the U.S.

Ras Labs

Ras Labs makes Synthetic Muscle™, electroactive polymers that contract & expand, attenuate force, & sense pressure for prostheses, robots, & other applications.

Sober Grid, Inc.

Sober Grid is a tele-health platform for addiction that uses artificial intelligence and certified recovery coaches to help people treat their condition.

WatchRx, Inc.

WatchRx is building a watch, that's also a phone and a GPS, to help elderly take their meds on time and live independently in their home as long as possible


ClassroomWindow is Yelp + Consumer Reports for education products and services, a $25b market.