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Team from $160MM Warner Bros. exit makes Pokemon Go look ancient with new AR mobile game tech platform. Now eSports and multi-million dollar partnerships.


WorkLane's are customized meeting and workspaces built into Mercedes Sprinters and Ford Transit vans. WorkLane's meet you anywhere to provide space on the go.


Pingster is photosharing GPS navigation a fusion of both Instagram and Google Maps into a single mobile app

BrainStem Biometrics

We are launching a breakthrough sedation assessment system in the US hospital market to reduce ICU costs and improve patient safety.


We help healthcare organization deliver the right instructions to the right patients at the right time to increase patient engagement, satisfaction and outcome.

Ballistic Breaker Corporation

The Arc-Free Circuit Breaker for DC or AC Power: enables high power DC transmission and distribution from microgrids to supergrids.

Yobe Inc

Artificial Intelligence powered software that can identify signal content and increase sound quality/clarity while reducing content size by 30% to 50%.