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On-demand storage solution in cities.

Raja Systems

Raja Systems can cut the cost of generating electricity in remote locations in half


WePlayed is an intelligent sports video platform that unlocks and activates idle content and puts it in the hands of millions of athletes and their communities.

ShoutBot, Inc.

ShoutBot is the vocal, social network that allows users to pin voice shouts to a map for other users to listen to around the world.

Aphios Pharma LLC

Aphios® Pharma LLC is dedicated to the development and commercialization of FDA-approved, cannabis-based drugs for opioid addiction and other CNS disorders.

zakipoint Health

Self-funded employers are paying $600 bn on employee healthcare costs. 10% can be contained. We help them lower this spend and manage pop health risk

Green City Growers, LLC

GCG is an established mission-driven company facilitating the transformation of unused spaces into thriving urban farms by delivering unique products + services


SparkCharge makes a portable, ultra-fast, and modular electric vehicle charger that are delivered to an electric vehicle owner on demand by any service.


InGlove gives users ability to physically interact with Virtual Reality, touch and sense shape, texture and temperature of the digital objects.


ThinkGenetic reaches undiagnosed and diagnosed individuals living with genetic disorders, helping to reduce time to diagnoses and reduce healthcare costs.