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Empowering teen parents with step-by-step guides for complicated financial, education, and health tasks.


Commercializing a first-in-class machine learning-powered biopsy-on-a-chip platform for precision cancer testing and personalized therapies.


Our company build communication software endowed with a smart and real time translation system.

Aldatu Biosciences

The power of PANDAA qDx: tackling drug resistance with diagnostics innovation. Improving individual & population health while decreasing system costs.

Meetcaregivers, Inc.

Video-integrated platform that connects families to qualified caregivers for their aging parents. We streamline payment and help families track the care.


Unique listening skills platform using power of public radio. Good early traction with school district sales. Leadership expertise in public radio and Ed Tech.

PhiLance, Inc.

An AI-enabled job marketplace for a diverse and inclusive workforce


No fee SaaS platform to run service deals for marketing local businesses. No commitment, no credit cards, bidding possibilities.

Athletic Science

Athletic Science enables cloud based online sports coaching, training and drill instruction by connecting athletes with elite coaches.