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Intelon Optics, Inc.

We bring perioperative biomechanics imaging solutions to demanding ocular surgery and therapy.

LaunchPad Medical

LaunchPad Medical is developing the first bone adhesive to repair bone fractures and stabilize metal implants.

QSM Diagnostics Inc

Fastest/lowest cost diagnostic instrument- sensor identifying and monitoring common bacteria in dog and cat urine.


Platform that connects young professionals and SMEs to solve issues in rural areas and create value.

Sparva Holdings Corporation

Sparva is a newly formed entity that has been strategically designed for rapid expansion through the production of its wireless power technology.

Project 99 Inc.

Project 99 is helping leading companies engage and retain their diverse millennial talent.

Qanairy, Inc.

Qanairy is a SaaS that automates quality assurance by finding, building, and maintaining user interface tests with the power of artificial intelligence.

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals will enable “on-demand” manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with advantages in lead time, quality, and cost.