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VR Tech Inc

Single platform for hiring and marketing for any size/industry businesses.

Flapper Funding

We are a live-entertainment crowdfunding platform with integrated ticket servicing which benefits fans, artists, venues, and promoters.


No two heads are shaped the same, so why should our glasses and helmets be? At Skelmet we create customized wearables that fit perfectly.


Creating Management 2.0 for SMB's with a social collaboration system that aligns “big picture” plans with project and activity outcomes.

Zingfin provides a big picture of financial markets through statistical tools that help investors visually understand patterns & trends.


VirZOOM creates unique VR games and a custom VR game controller to deliver an exciting, discomfort-free experience with measurable health and wellness benefits.


Snobscale is the new social network where you Rate, Review and Recommend everything you experience in life!


Long-Reach collaborative robotic arms for warehouse automation. Revolutionary safe, low-cost actuators that power these arms and other service robots.


Habitworks provides a unique habit change and communication platform that optimizes care coordinators and health coaches in the management of chronic disease.