StartHub Startups to Watch Program

The StartHub Startups to Watch program will feature innovative local startups, providing them recognition and visibility for contributing to the continued growth of Greater Boston’s startup ecosystem.

Each week, StartHub will hand-select a promising Greater Boston area-based startup to be featured across the StartHub website, weekly newsletter, and social media channels. The Featured Startup that draws the most interest that month will be announced as that month’s StartHub Startup to Watch. The coveted title comes with a promotional bundle that includes an insider interview with the founder(s), social media support from the Mayor of Boston, StartHub, and other local tech influencers, opportunities to speak or participate at community events, and additional benefits. See below for a list of the winning startups or view the StartHub Startups to Watch Collection.

Qualifying startups must have a published profile on the StartHub platform. To add your startup’s free profile to StartHub's Startups section and to qualify for StartHub Startups to Watch Program, click here.


Learn more about our Startups to Watch by clicking on the company name below:

  • Abridge News: a tech and media startup that helps independent thinkers see trending news stories from different perspectives, creating a space for people looking to escape from echo chambers and filter bubbles.
  • -  Analytical Space: a satellite communications startup creating the first commercial in-orbit connectivity platform to enable remote sensing and other satellite operators.
  • Bevi: an eco-friendly, smart, soft drink dispenser startup reimagines the office water cooler.
  • Cake: an end-of-life planning web platform.
  • ConquerX: a biotechnology company on a mission is to make early cancer detection simple and accessible to all by building a rapid and affordable molecular profiling platform to detect biomarkers that are linked to diseases.
  • Donii: a donation matchmaking service that gets donated items to people in need.
  • Drizly: an alcohol e-commerce platform that is transforming the way alcohol is shopped, sold and shared.
  • Ellevation: a software company focused exclusively on the needs of English Language Learners and the educators that serve them.
  • Evy Tea a cold brew tea company.
  • GeoOrbital: a startup that turns any bicycle into an electric vehicle in under 60 seconds by incorporating the entire powertrain into the wheel. 
  • Involved: a micro-polling software for local government.
  • Lola Travel: a new kind of travel company that provides on-demand, personal travel service through a smartphone app.
  • LOU: an enterprise software startup and web assistant that teaches you while you work.
  • Magnomer: a packaging design solution for recycling.
  • Medumo: a digital health startup that offers healthcare organizations a cost-effective digital program to automate patient instruction and check-ins with a series of precisely timed email and text messages that adapt to patients' needs.
  • Minus the Moo (rebranded to Beckon): a lactose-free premium ice cream  made from real dairy .
  • Modo Labs: a mobile engagement platform that empowers ordinary people to create extraordinary apps. 
  • Myomo: a commercial stage medical robotics company.
  • Nutrimedy: a leading telenutrition platform that connects users to licensed clinical dietitians through a mobile HIPAA compliant app.
  • Pong Robotics: a healthcare robotics company.
  • Quilt: a simplified insurance technology startup.
  • RateGravity:  a software solution startup that enables residential lending from various lenders.
  • Root Robotics: a robotics startup on a mission is to make learning to code accessible to any age.
  • ScholarJet: a web platform for college students to earn action-based scholarships. 
  • Sense: a home energy monitor that lets homeowners know what's on and how much energy each device uses in real-time. 
  • Soofa: a technology company focused on building communities.
  • Sundots: the world’s first gummy for sun protection. 
  • SurgiBox: an ultraportable inflatable surgical environment that fits in a backpack.
  • Twiage: a healthcare IT startup that provides a novel communication technology used between EMS and hospitals to accelerate life-saving emergency care by disrupting the antiquated radio communication.
  • tripBuddy: an employee productivity app that helps co-workers carpool to work together
  • Vyasa Analytics: a deep learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations.
  • VR Health: a medical VR solutions company.
  • WeSpire: a startup that helps global corporations run positive impact programs through their employee engagement platform. 
  • -  ZIRUI: a beauty packaging platform that serves the modern active lifestyle that is always on the go.