At IDEO, everything happens by design

November 19, 2019

When the people at global design firm IDEO want to impress new clients, they can point to four decades of disruptive innovations, like the original mouse for Apple’s Macintosh computers, or the first “clamshell” laptop, with a hinged cover that doubled as a video screen. Or more recently, the minimalist elegance of SimpliSafe home security products.

Or the IDEOites can just give their clients a tour of the company’s offices, scattered in high-tech hot spots around the globe — Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and IDEO’s colorful cube-shaped building on Prospect Street in Cambridge. Inside and out, it’s a three-dimensional demo of IDEO’s brightest ideas, as well as an incubator of the firm’s creative culture.

During a recent visit, IDEO partner and global design director Michael Hendrix and managing directors Nick DuPey and Ari Adler took turns pointing out their favorite features.

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