.Boston is Almost Here! Is a Domain Right for You! Let’s Find Out

September 15, 2017

In August 2017, the new .boston domain opened to trademark holders, nonprofits and government organizations, setting off a rush for these organizations to secure their digital Boston real estate and further their missions online.

With .boston just about here, anticipation continues to build as the main event nears closer. On October 10th, .boston becomes available to everyone! Of course, for many, the launch of .boston raises a couple very important questions.

Namely, should I get one for my startup, small business or myself? To answer, let’s dive deeper into what a .boston domain is and how you can use in different ways.

What is a .boston Domain?

The .boston domain is part of a new class of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that expands the web’s domain name system as .com’s become increasingly harder to find. The aim of .boston is to create and establish a new level of digital, geographic authority for Boston’s innovation economy.

With .boston, Boston becomes only the fourth major city to launch a local domain, joining New York City, Las Vegas and Miami.

As Jeremiah Johnston, Outreach Director for .boston says, “When the first web addresses went up 15 to 20 years ago, available .com’s went fast. Once the good domains were gone, businesses had to find whatever keywords most closely aligned with their target — which sometimes meant rebranding and extra marketing to get the traffic they needed.”

Now, with the rollout of new TLD’s like .boston, organizations and individuals can own the URLs they want, while aligning themselves with a local strategy and showing pride for their city.

The possibilities are endless for .boston names. Interested in Innovation.boston? Pizza.boston? Yourname.boston? The possibilities are endless — if you act fast.  

Why Should I Buy One?

Whether it’s for branding and marketing purposes as an early stage startups, to promote local hiring as a larger organization with a ‘hub’ in the hub,  or simply for  the chance to own a piece of your beloved city, there are many reasons why a .boston might be right for you.

As Johnston puts  it, one thing’s for sure, “Come October 10th, .boston domains are going to be flying off the shelves — it’s a land rush.”

If you’re interested, but not exactly sure where .boston fits into your online presence or digital strategy today, that shouldn't dissuade you from buying one.

“One strategy is to buy your domain now and figure out what you want to do with it later,” Johnston says. “The main thing is to secure yours before someone else does.”

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why .boston might be right for you:


For Boston-based non-profits, a .boston domain is an opportunity to tie in a brand’s digital identity to the city -- firmly establishing its place in the Boston community.

It’s also helpful for local and regional non-profits to secure a URL that really ties into their brand and strategy. As URLs and domains dried up over the past decades, local companies may have settled or re-branded with URLs that approximate their brand target, but may not be exact to their needs and goals. Now they have an opportunity to own a URL that truly matches their name and mission.

There is also an opportunity for large local chapters of national and international non-profit organizations to directly tie themselves to the community they serve, improving SEO and establishing a go-to location for Boston chapters of larger multi-national non-profits.


At the end of the day — the most important thing for all businesses is relevant traffic, which .boston promises to deliver.

Regardless of your existing strategy, good domains deliver better traffic. A .boston name will deliver traffic for free to your front door in addition to improving your google searches, because with .boston in your web address, people searching for Boston results will find you first.”

It’s a no-brainer, according to Johnston.

“If you've got a relevant keyword, you’re going to come up higher in search, period,” said Johnston. “What could be more relevant than the name of the city where you’re trying to attract visitors and customers?”

Brands can also establish themselves at the top of searches within the Boston community. By owning an evergreen URL with a .boston domain, companies can insure they remain at the top of the search heap for years to come.

“There’s a ton of ways to add this to your existing arsenal without rebuilding from the ground up, says Johnston. “Point it to your existing infrastructure, while you contemplate how it aligns with your web traffic strategy. Maybe you’re not going to change your entire web presence, but you can do things like URL masking and redirects that won’t change the fundamental structure of your site.”


They say in the modern world that each individual needs to own and personalize their brand; with a .boston domain and endless personal URLs available, now you can.

As Johnston puts it, “This isn’t only a chance for Boston-based organizations to uplevel their digital strategies. It’s also an opportunity for businesses to really own their online presence in a way that closely matches their identity and brand.”

Individuals looking to push their personal brand forward -- in a myriad of capacities, such as a solo operator of a business or cultivation of one’s profile as a thought leader in a space, now you can own an SEO-optimized URL and domain that will bring you to the top of the search results when people are searching for you in Boston.

So, if you’re a sports fan that loves to rep your favorite Boston team, a social media personality looking to build your following, or simply someone with a website that has ties to Boston, .boston is definitely right for you.

For more information on .boston and if it’s right for your startup or local business please visit hub.boston.

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