Front End Engineer

Front End Engineer

This Boston-based, Venture funded organization is currently experiencing some growth and is looking for a Front End Engineer to join their revolutionary product team. Their product suite provides usable marketing analytics for developers of mobile applications including Real-Time User Engagement Monitoring (RUM), A/B Testing, Funnel Management, Acquisition Management, and other useful tools. The suite is designed to enable mobile developers, and the marketing team behind those products, everything they need to deliver an even better user-experience all while creating a new-level of user-engagement and loyalty.

The team needs exceptional JavaScript Engineers to expand on their current application analytics and marketing offers by creating web functionality and data visualizations to assist customers like ESPN, eBay, and The New York Times in finding meaning in the data they collect from over 1 billion devices.

What’s in it for you:

Further experience designing and developing web functionality and Data Visualizations using data at scale with tools including but not limited to:

  • ReactJS
  • D3.js
  • An opportunity to fine-tune your ability to write and automate unit and integration tests using Jasmine and Protractor.
  • A seat at the table when it comes time to determine the future of projects on the technology roadmap.

Required experience:

  • 3+ year(s) building web applications using some type of MV* JavaScript library (Angular, Backbone, React, Ember, Coffeescript, etc)
  • 2+ year(s) of building responsively designed web and mobile applications using the latest in HTML and CSS tools (Canvas, SASS, LESS, etc)
  • Experienced with building Data Visualizations of large data-sets using JavaScript frameworks (D3.js, dc.js, chart.js, etc)

Bonus Skills:

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails or another server-side web application framework

Company Culture:

  • Ever-rotating selection of micro-brews in the kegerator (not just for Friday’s!)
  • Fun, passionate group of Engineers ( the CEO beet the CTO at the last paintball outing)
  • Weekly open-door policy for other local engineers to stop by and enjoy a few beers!
  • The belief that Engineers will choose the best tools to solve a problem - so try some new tools!
  • A group that includes: martial arts experts, Yoga teachers, Authors, Division 1 athletes, professional video-gamers, and more!
  • The freedom to act like an adult - no micro-management!


  • Relaxed work environment - wear jeans every day
  • Company outings
  • Open-source projects
Boston, MA 02111
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