Free Workshop: Introduction to Laser Cutting


Cambridge Hackspace
438 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, MA
United States

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 - 7:00pm

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This free 1 hour workshop is for anyone interested in laser cutting, how it works, what you can cut, etc...

We'll cover:
- Materials you can cut
- Correct setup/calibration of the machine
- Use of the software
- Safety

You'll also get to personalize and laser cut your own keyring, which you can take home at the end of the class.

This workshop also serves as training for the laser cutter, so if you are interested in becoming a member and using the laser cutter for your own projects, then you can get started right away.


If you want to use the laser cutter for your own projects then you'll need to be a member of Cambridge Hackspace, membership is $75 a month, can can be canceled at any time.

Once trained, laser cutter usage is charged at $0.40/min. A discounted rate of $0.20 a minute is avaliable if you pre-pay for $100 of laser time when you join. (laser usage is only charged when the laser is firing)