Diversity and Impact Investing: Key Drivers for Economic Growth


Boston, MA 02210
United States

Friday, 12 October 2018 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

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It is a proven fact that technology-based startups across all sectors and geographies drive innovation and economic growth. But how much impact can diversity have on growth? That is one of the questions we seek to answer in this webinar. What does it mean for a company to have a team made up of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds and gender identities? And how much and what kind of impact can that have in the business and ultimately in the ecosystem?

Investment firms specifically focused on impact and diversity are making a real difference in the ecosystem by filling gaps and influencing the most traditional sources of capital.

In this webinar moderated by Morse Barnes-Brown Pedleton, we will hear from Reinventure Capital and Alante Capital, two leaders in the investment community. These firms are two impact investors, with Reinventure Capital investing in emerging networks of innovative entrepreneurs, many of whom are of color and women. Alante is a venture capital fund investing in innovative companies that radically improve environmental or social sustainability within the textile and apparel industry. Attendees will learn what led Reinventure and Alante to engage in impact investing; about their impact and track record; and what kind of startups they engage with and how. We will also hear from entrepreneurs about their fundraising experience, the challenges they went through, and the lessons learned along the way.

Attendees Will Learn About

  • The meaning of diversity and impact

  • How diversity or the lack of it affects innovation and drives startup and economy growth

  • The mission of impact investors

  • The type of startups impact investors are looking for

  • When should an entrepreneur raise capital from impact investors

  • What returns (and timeframe) do impact investors expect


  • Moderator: Scott Bleier, Corporate Attorney, MBBP

  • Catarina Madeira, Director of Cleantech Navigate Northeast, NECEC

  • Julianne Zimmerman, Managing Director, Reinventure Capital

  • Leslie Harwell, Managing Partner, Alante Capital

  • Startup (TBD)


12:30pm-12:35pm: Welcome

12:35pm-12:50pm: Speaker Presentations

12:50pm-1:10pm: Discussion

1:10pm-1:25pm: Audience Q&A

1:25pm-1:30pm: Wrap Up and Closing Remarks


NECEC's Investor and Corporate Partner Readiness Webinar Series aims to provide the cleantech innovation community with practical strategies to help strengthen the capacity of early-stage entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and incubators. The series will provide entrepreneurs with increased knowledge about investment models, sources and strategies, and the roles and expectations of large corporations and organizations. challenges in corporate partnerships, and how to successfully bring products to market.

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