APPLICATION DEADLINE: 1-on-1 meeting with Sante Ventures


110 Canal Street, 4th Fl.
Lowell, MA 01852
United States

Sunday, 28 April 2019 - 11:45am

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Apply to be considered for a 1-on-1 meeting with representatives of Sante Ventures during their event at JLABS on May 15. The deadline to submit an application is April 28th. Key areas of interest: Medical Devices | Biotech | Healthcare service models | Healthcare IT


Santé invests in early-stage life science and healthcare ventures to build valuable, enduring companies. We evaluate the following criteria when considering potential investment opportunities:

  • Exceptional Entrepreneurs and Executives.
    Uncompromising integrity; proven track record; relevant domain experience; complementary skill sets and diverse perspectives; intellectual honesty; ambition and energy.
  • Product or Service.
    Innovative and compelling value proposition or potential breakthrough improvement in clinical outcomes, healthcare efficiency or access; clear regulatory and reimbursement pathways.
  • Market and Customers.
    Large and/or rapidly growing market; playing into a technical or regulatory dislocation; clear evidence of customer adoption; efficient sales cycle or distribution channel; repeat purchasers.
  • Proprietary Advantage.
    Defendable intellectual property or market position; competitive barriers high enough to build significant equity value if the product or service proves successful in the market.
  • Business Model.
    Recurring revenue stream; High gross margins and operating leverage; attractive cash cycle; limited asset intensity.
  • Deal Structure.
    Fair and simple; aligned incentive among investor and management; efficient use of equity capital; attractive risk-return ratio.
  • Exit Strategy.
    Well defined with multiple logical acquirers and preferably IPO potential.