“More Than Brunch” Series: Loving Yourself Into Your Purpose Workshop


Black Market Dudley
2136 Washington Street
Boston, MA
United States

Sunday, 17 November 2019 - 12:00pm

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This Brunch Workshop is an interactive event that encourages individuals to clinically assess their leadership qualities, entrepreneurship development and personality characteristics in order to develop concrete tools to maximize their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, identify their purpose and create solid goals to help enhance their impact in society. Understand the importance of emotionally and mentally competent leaders and begin to create a purpose driven life.

Come enjoy brunch, understand yourself more deeply, engage with the community and learn how you can lead a more purpose driven life.

Clinical Workshop Details

Part One: Identify Current Leadership Skills/Areas of Improvement:

In this workshop- we will focus specifically on clinically assessing individual self examination, self-validation, affirmations and how those qualities help create strong leaders and or entrepreneurs. Once individuals have the opportunity to engage in a self-assessment , they will then follow a guide to create a specific vision statement that supports their life purpose/goals and creates the blueprint for their leadership roles in society.

Part Two: Write a Personal Vision Statement

The significance of a personal vision statement is the ability to effectively reflect your personality traits, skills and most important values. Your vision statement supports you in identifying your life purpose, who you were called to be. Vision statements are physical copies of your calling, be intentional and specific in answering these questions because it will serve as a guide as you develop into the leader you would like to be.

Part Three: Mindfulness Meditation + Sound Bath

The workshop will finish with a Meditation + Sound Bath where you will be able to envision your purpose, set your intention and move into a space of Loving Yourself Into Your Purpose.

This program is part of the InspireHER series through District Hall. InspireHer is an annual event bringing women entrepreneurial topics to the forefront.


Event Hosts:

Tara Atwood, Senior Program Manager of Venture Cafe Foundation

Yuliya Pokhylko, Events Manager of Venture Cafe Foundation



Pilar Tucker


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