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Talk Data to Me is a monthly event series where we host thought-leaders from the Boston data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life.
###PREDICTING TRENDS IN 2018### In January, we are inviting industry leaders to join us and share some predictions around what we should expect to see in 2018. What will be some of the most exciting applications of machine learning and AI? What industries will begin leveraging data and technology in new ways? Will there be any new consumer products (maybe autonomous vehicles) on the market this year? What kinds of new regulations and data protections will we see surface? Why It Matters:
We live in a world with seemingly infinite data, and if you can learn the right balance of skills, there are lucrative opportunities available to you. Data affects not only how we run our businesses, but how we live as individuals. Understanding the ways you can leverage data in your personal and professional life can help you find key insights, make smarter decisions, and elevate your career. By signing up for this event, you're giving our sponsors permission to contact you about upcoming events and promotions.