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Talk Data to Me is a monthly event series where we host thought-leaders from the Boston data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life.
###Data Socialization with Datawatch### "Data socialization is an attempt to tackle the ongoing (and often mission-critical) process of making sure the right data is in front of the right person – a decision maker – at the right time." -Forbes In October, we are inviting Datawatch's Chief Product Officer, Jon Pilkington, to General Assembly to talk about the benefits of data socialization, the value of creating a trustworthy 'data marketplace'-- and the gamification of data curation. Why It Matters:
Data-driven decision-making is essential for company success, but it comes at a cost. Business users spend hours daily on manual data access, preparation and reconciliation processes. But what if there was a data marketplace of secure, governed data that companies could tap into? What You’ll Take Away:
Attendees can expect to learn:
- How self-service data preparation and analytics will maximize productivity by freeing up valuable time for analysis that positively influences business decision-making and the bottom line. - Data socialization, and how users can search for, access, share and reuse prepared, managed data, as well as leverage user ratings, recommendations, discussions, comments and popularity to make better decisions about which data to use in analytics processes. - Data governance techniques for managing and controlling data access without imposing limits on self-service data preparation and analytics users. By signing up for this event, you're giving our sponsors permission to contact you about upcoming events and promotions.