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AAUW Work Smart is a FREE two-hour salary negotiation workshop designed to give women the skills and confidence to advocate for themselves in the workplace.

Participants learn how to research competitive salaries, articulate their skills, qualifications and experience, and ask for—and get—the pay they deserve.

Why it Matters:

On average, women working full time in the United States are paid 80 percent of what men are paid, a gap of 20 percent — for women of color and other marginalized groups, the pay gap is even wider.


AAUW Work Smart in Boston is a city-wide initiative of AAUW and the Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement as a part of our efforts to close the gender pay gap in the City of Boston.

Attend this free workshop, empower yourself with the tools to negotiate for fair pay, and become a part of the movement to close the gender pay gap.

Check-in will begin 30 minutes before the workshop.



More about the Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement:

The Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement is an embodiment of Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s commitment to advancing and supporting women in the City of Boston.


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