Mastering SQL Class


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SQL gives you the power to query and manipulate data across a number of widely-used platforms. This hands-on, in-person class gets you up and running with this powerful tool. Class discussion and exercises cover:

• What SQL is, and what it can and cannot do,

• Available tools for writing and running SQL,

  • • SQL syntax, reading, writing and understanding the language,
  • • Using SQL SELECT with FROM, WHERE and ORDER BY,
  • • Specifying conditions for a WHERE clause; using comparison operators, using the IN and LIKE operators,
  • • Using JOINs to link tables, different kinds of JOINs,
  • • SQL calculations, functions and aliases, and
  • • Using append, update and delete queries.


This class is taught in person by an expert instructor at our Boston office. Please contact us, or (617) 720-6161, if you would like to schedule a private class for a group at your facility. Cost $260. No prior SQL experience necessary. Details at