Legal 101 Businesses (Part 4 of 5): RICxOED


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This workshop provides a high-level overview of a range of legal matters that entrepreneurs need to be aware of when starting a new company. 

Attending this workshop will help you avoid common mistakes and employ preventative measures that can protect and ensure the success of your new business. Workshop topics will include:

• Different types of entity formations 
• Contract basics
• Intellectual property considerations
• Licenses and regulations

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About the Speaker:

Sankeetha Selvarajah is the CEO and managing partner of Selvarajah Law P.C. Selvarajah Law P.C. focuses on startups and small businesses. Their goals are to aid the formation, protection of the brand, maintenance of the organization and the growth of the venture. They are a business law firm that aids business evolution with skilled counsel, experience and tact.

Starting and maintaining a company can be daunting without a plan. Selvarajah Law PC has curated an effective system that realizes the startup dream without dismissing the necessary legal steps to properly build your company.