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SCORE Boston Workshop: Accounting for Small Business Owners

Many of our SCORE clients want to avoid learning about bookkeeping, accounting, and financial statements as if they carry the plague! We would like to demystify this whole area for you so that you have confidence that you can set up your books and understand your financial results.

Digital Marketing Open House

Digital Marketing drives a company’s bottom line by using cutting-edge techniques and platforms to showcase products and acquire customers. Learn how you can to do the same.

Front-End Web Development Open House

Web Development is connecting users around the world through information, entertainment, and the economy. Join us for this open house to see how you can start your coding journey.

During the upcoming Open House you will:

User Experience Design Open House

The User Experience Designer (UXD) plays a critical role in today’s Experience Economy. Join us for this open house to see how you can level up in your career.

During the upcoming Open House you will:

Part-Time Data Science Open House

Data science is emerging as a discipline to help take business intelligence to the next level by making it easier to harness large amounts of data. Learn how you can begin to do the same in this info session.

During the upcoming Open House you will:

Data Analytics Open House

Today’s Data Analyst plays a pivotal role in how companies investigate their challenges and make critical decisions. Join us for this open house to see how you can become fluent in data analysis.

During the upcoming Open House you will:

Product Management Open House

People call the Product Manager a “mini-CEO” - join us for this open house to see how you can lead teams and launch successful products.

During the upcoming Open House you will:

Digital Marketing

Using cutting-edge techniques and platforms like social media, paid ads, email marketing and Google Analytics to acquire users in a digital marketing campaign.

Fall 2018 Start Smart Class

Start Smart is a hands-on class for entrepreneurs.

Classes are focused on the steps required to prep a solid understanding of your target market so you can launch and grow your science/technology company successfully.

SCORE Boston Workshop: Hands-On Quickbooks Workshop

This workshop is designed for a small group to receive instruction and hands-on assistance in using your QuickBooks accounting program. The emphasis will be on QB Online for those using the Essentials version or higher.

Intro to Javascript | Livestream

Dive into the world of programming head first with one of the most popular programming languages. The Intro to Javascript livestream will get you up and running with the core concepts of the Javascript language and empower you to continue your programming journey.

August SCORE Boston Startup Bootcamp

The SCORE Boston Business Startup Bootcamp provides an overview of what you need to consider when you are planning to start a new business. It is designed to help you go from business concept to "opening the doors"

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The Sooner the Better

Join the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge on September 26 to understand how how Artificial Intelligence can use patient data to improve patient outcomes.


Phillip Machnik, Senior Technical Application Analyst at Patient Keeper

Confirmed Speakers:

Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Because the digital marketing landscape is so vast it is hard to predict what trend is going to rule the upcoming year. What one aspect of your marketing strategy do you need to make a priority? What one marketing tactic is crucial for your brand to incorporate?

The Future of Transportation

Back in the 1900s, the invention of the car drastically improved quality of life for anyone that could throw down $500.