eBook Class in Boston on December 11, 2020 eBook Training


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  eBook training class: Creating eBooks and publications for iPad, nook, Kindle, and more from InDesign or Microsoft Word Discover how to convert your books and publications into the ePub and mobi formats used on the iPad, Nook, Kindle, iPhone, Kobo and other electronic reading devices. In this eBook training class you’ll gain an understanding of the workflow for electronic publishing, including how to prepare your files, what formats to use, converting files, and distributing them so they can be monetized. This eBook training class for creating eBooks is delivered by the instructors who have created many books on electronic publishing software and tools. They are the authors of the Digital Classroom series of books, which have been converted by the team at AGI to ePub and mobi formats. When you take an eBook training class from AGI you learn from experts who have real-world experience in creating eBooks from their own Digital Classroom series of books and in working with other major book publishers. Contact AGI about this eBook training class or call 800-851-9237 if you have questions.   eBook Class Length: 1 day This ebook class assumes you have working knowledge of InDesign. If you plan to create eBook files from another source, contact a training consultant to arrange a private or customized training or consulting session or call to speak with a training consultant at 800-851-9237 or 781-376-6044.