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Info Session - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing drives a company’s bottom line by using cutting-edge techniques and platforms to showcase products and acquire customers. In this info session, learn how you can begin to do the same. Takeaways:

Info Session - Web Development Immersive

Web Development has changed the way our world shares information and does business, empowering individuals and businesses to connect in ways never thought imaginable. Join us to see how you can become a developer yourself in this info session. Takeaways:


Are you a small business owner with 1-50 employees? Are you wondering if you need to comply with an employer mandate and what kind of health insurance is compliant with the law? Are you interested in learning about ways you can save on your health insurance premiums?

GA #OffCampus | Break into Data Science

GA is going #OffCampus. At this event, take a peek into a day in the life of a data scientist and, more importantly, how to break into the industry. Why it Matters:

Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Because the digital marketing landscape is so vast it is hard to predict what trend is going to rule the upcoming year. What one aspect of your marketing strategy do you need to make a priority? What one marketing tactic is crucial for your brand to incorporate?

The What & Why of APIs

From Twitter to Facebook to smartphones and cash machines, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) power our digital lives. In this talk, you'll learn the basics of APIs: what they are, how they work, and why they matter.

Personal Branding: How to Craft and Tell Your Story

Why is it that we ‘just like’ some people we hardly know? From celebrities to coworkers to the people we pass on the street or follow on social media, everyday we are aligning with humans that in many cases are virtual strangers.

Intro to the Boston Startup Community

Join us for a panel discussion with Boston's top community organizers and get an exclusive inside look into the startup culture that’s rapidly growing in the city. Why it Matters?

Talk Data to Me

Overview: At this event, we host thought-leaders from the Boston data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life.

Navigating the Emotions of Changing Careers

Does the work you do truly align with your personal values and ambitions? Have you wondered what it takes to successfully relaunch your career and pursue work that truly matters to you?