Breaking Down "Growth Mindset" (See $10 Discount)


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"I suck at this" - we've all probably said those words in moments but they can be way more damaging than we realize. Research has shown that one of the keys to success is the distinction between a fixed vs. growth mindset. You may have heard those terms before, and may even think you've got it, but what does that actually mean? This workshop breaks down this conversation while taking you through an interactive workshop to better understand your mentality, where it comes from, and how it may be limiting (and everyone around you.) Join for a two-hour community building workshop and walk away with tangible tools to increase your own awareness, new connections in the city, and an enthusiasm to update your brain.

Doors will be open at 6:00pm with light snacks and beverages available.

The program will start at 6:30pm.

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