Going West: Palo Alto event showcases Harvard tech startup scene

“Bear with me,” Jonathan Zittrain urged the audience as his talk — up to this point, a romp through the early history of the internet — lurched into Kantian philosophy: “I’m about to get all ‘East Coast’ on you.”


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@kane Loved The Right Stuff because I had no idea about the test-pilot/astronaut overlap, and they are such crazy different jobs.

RT @StatesidePortal: Day two complete @MITSloanExecEd #MITEDP Loving @BillAulet and his unapologetic irreverance for basically everything!…

Love engineering? Love sports? The adidas FUTURE team is looking for a rock star mechanical engineer to help them s… https://t.co/Xx6nAYV014

@mixedknuts My pleasure!

@mixedknuts You bet!

RT @aroldan: I'm not sure how many x we all are, but if you want to work with a bunch of really talented engineers that are empathetic, hel…

RT @BiotechGames: We love this! “‘What’s your secret?’ they sometimes ask. Truth be told there’s no secret. There’s collaboration” #innovat

RT @ericpengcoach: @dcancel @hnshah "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but bec…

RT @Kpesky3: 24 Promotions at @Drift this past Friday! Well deserved

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